Amatsu Therapy
St Albans

I ruptured two discs due to a bike crash in 2008 and underwent a double discectomy. After the operation I was still experiencing severe pain and was regularly seeing physios and chiropractors to help and after two years was still suffering. I admit I was very sceptical about this treatment as I knew nothing about this. However, after 6 sessions my opinion has changed. I have felt especially after sessions 4,5 and 6, I am experiencing huge benefits. In Treatment 4, I actually felt something release
in my back when Fiona was treating me, since then my back has been so much better. I find after treatments I sleep very well which is not something I benefit from regularly!.

My scepticism has been squashed and I would fully recommend this treatment and Fiona as a therapist.

Jacqui SP – Standbridge

The first week I felt a dramatic change in my balance and felt my legs were the correct length
but this week I have not felt anything majorly different other than I have maintained my equal
pressure on both legs. I have not had any lower back pain even though I am riding every day
so this is great as normally I would be in pain and stiff.


Thank you for my treatment on Tuesday, I always leave you feeling so much BETTER!

Alison W, St Albans

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I have very much appreciated Fiona's skills
and knowledge of Amatsu over the last couple of months and would highly recommend her to anyone out there interested in this fascinating therapy as it could really help you.

Alan W, Bricket Wood