Amatsu Therapy
St Albans

Amatsu is based on an ancient Japanese healing therapy, originally handed down through generations of families over thousands of years.

It was introduced to the UK in the mid 1990’s by 3 Osteopaths fron the British Isles who went to Japan to study the teachings of Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, the present day head of this ancient traditional healing.
After studying these techniques using western methods, they were granted these ancient teaching rites which led to the formulation of this amazing healing therapy. 'Amatsu' was brought back to the UK after being adapted for western use utilising diagnos
tics and scientific tests to evaluate and support the techniques.

Amatsu has since evolved into the therapy it is today, it is very effective in treating a wide variety of p
roblems from back ache, sciatica, neck ache to headaches, stress, digestive problems etc.

  Amatsu restores balance to the body, encouraging and facilitating natural and optimal body movement by correcting the body’s dysfunctions.

Amatsu also helps
to restore proprioception - injuries to joints or ligaments will result in diminished proprioceptive ability, meaning co-ordination can be affected and the injured limb or joint may feel ‘odd’.

Poor proprioception can contribute in further injury as a result of increased clumsiness, poor posture, lack of co-ordination, and even difficulty with performing basic everyday activities.

 Regular Amatsu treatments can help in preventing ill health by keeping your body in balance and free from the everyday stresses of modern living. It treats the underlying causes of the problem and not just the symptoms. When the body is balanced healing can occur at an accelerated rate.