Amatsu Therapy
St Albans

Whether you suffer with aches and pains, recovering from an injury or accident, feel stressed, lack energy, or your body just feels "out of sorts", Amatsu therapy can help you.

It’s not just physical injuries that can cause problems to our bodies, many other factors can be to blame. Today’s modern living with its everyday stresses can mean that our bodies have to adapt and cope with tensions and strains, leading to poor posture, sluggish digestive systems, aching shoulders, backs and necks.

Amatsu Therapy can help to relieve these strains.

Amatsu is soundly based on western scientific principles of anatomy, physiology, bio-tensegrity, and proprioception.

Amatsu is a holistic healing therapy which helps many musculo-skeletal as well as lifestyle related conditions, helping to restore general health and well-being.

By using soft tissue pressure,mobilisation and gentle stretches, Amatsu helps to realign your physical structure, improving muscle efficiency, thus restoring a more natural movement to your body.

Amatsu empowers the body to heal itself by bringing the body back into balance and is suitable for all ages.

Amatsu uses diagnostic tools such as palpation,muscle testing and orthopaedic tests to help in understanding the body's dysfunctions.